Hope Powell is one of the few high-profile women on Uk’s coaching landscape.

Leadership and Coaching

Sport is about so much more than getting fit, competing and having fun!  When done right and led by the right people, sport can be an immensely powerful catalyst for transformation, both socially and personally.  In other words, sport can help us to develop as people and as communities.

However, this only happens when we have the right people leading our sporting activities.  Currently in the UK the number of women leading sport is disproportionate to the number of women participating in sport.  The bottom line is we need to encourage and support more women taking up leadership and coaching roles if we want to deliver on the promise to provide a life long opportunity for girls and women to take part in sport and physical activity.

Role Models

Just like young boys look up to the likes of Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson, girls and women need role models too, if they are to strive for success in sport.  Parents and teachers also make powerful role models and we need more of these strong female leaders to inspire today’s participants to feel good about taking part in sport and physical activity.

Be part of a local, national and international movement

Gender inequality pervades all levels of society, so its hardly surprising that the percieved contribution to and actual involement in sport by girls and women lags behind that of boys and men.  However, there are several organisations who continually work to challenge perceptions, educate the masses and influence policy makers.  We’re working with organisations like the Women’s Sport & Fitness Foundation, Anita White Foundation and European Women in Sport Network, organisations with experience of working both at home and abroad, to raise the profile and expectations of local women who make sport happen. 

Our aim is to support a new group of female participants to take a leading role in creating new opportunities, shaping how sport and physical activity is delivered and inspiring others to express themselves confidently in whatever activities they choose.

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