Our Delivery Partners

Delivery partners play a frontline role in bringing the project to the masses.  These are the do-ers who work directly with coaches and ensure we bring inspiration to life!

Active Surrey

Active Sussex

Bucks & Milton Keynes Sports Partnership

Get Bekshire Active

Kent Sport

Spot Hampshire & IOW

Our Endorsement Partners

Our endorsement provide us with links to governing body approved programmes, products and coaching networks.  These are the enablers who help to connect our highly skilled and inspiration coaches to the people who want to be coached.

England Handball

England Netball

The English Table Tennis Association

England Cricket Board

Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership

The Football Association

Rugby Football Union

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are critical to building capacity, bringing expertise and adding value to the project.  They are the jewel in our project and help to raise the stakes for all involved.

sports coach UK

Network Partners

Our network partners include a mixture of strategic agencies, governing bodies and delivery partners who make up the wider network of organisation who support our goals.  Without this influential network the project would struggle to make the immense impact it aims to do over the coming years.

Anita White Foundation

British Cycling – Breeze

England Athletics

European Women and Sport Network

US Girls Women and Girls Project

Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation

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