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sports coach UK are proud sponsors of the project, providing invaluable resources and expertise to help us reach our goals.

Join our community

We’re looking for Clubs, National Governing Bodies and other organisations to help promote our campaign.   We believe that increasing the number of female coaches in the UK is critical for the future success of sport within the UK.  Evidence suggests that having more passionate, skilled and inspirational coaching role models can only have a positive impact on the number of yougn female athletes who get involved and stay involved in sport and physical activity.

Who is involved so far?

So far England Netball, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), England Handball, Rugby Football Union, The Football Association, English Table Tennis Association and the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership are the first seven NGB’s to fully endorse the project. Liam McCarthy, Coaching Development Manager of England Handball explained; “It’s a real privilege for England Handball to have been approached to be a part of Project 500 and to have been involved right from its inception. It is our belief that not enough is being done to engage young women and girls in coaching and leadership pathways in England, and it’s an honour to be working with a special group of people who want to change that.”

The seven County Sport Partnerships (CSPs) across South East region will deliver the project supported by a number of national sports organisations including Sport England, sports coach UK and the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation.

Project outcomes

  • Recruit, develop, deploy and/or retain 500 female coaches across the South East between April 2013 and March 2015
  • Establish a culture of support for female coaches including mentoring, co-coaching, communities of learning and coach observations to underpin coach development and deployment
  • Raise the profile of females in coaching through the development of a “women’s coaching network”
  • Create clear guidelines and provide a body of evidence to encourage the roll out of this project nationally from April 2015 – “Project 5000”.

The benefits of project 500 to an NGB

  • A more fit-for-purpose and diverse workforce to drive female participation at all levels i.e. supporting NGB products and programmes
  • Profile, reward and recognition of your female coaches
  • Encourage female nominations for local and national coach awards
  • Promote role models by recruiting local ambassadors
  • Dedicated on-line presence to promote and recognise local coaches
  • Access to forums, workshops and events for your female coaches
  • Access to local mentoring programmes & other support for your coaches including coach observation sessions and communities of practice
  • Access to reduced-cost facilities for coach education in some areas.

How we envisage NGB involvement

  • Endorsement; help raise awareness within specific sporting communities
  • Use of your branding and logo
  • Link programmes, including NGB Scholarships, marketing and local county workforce plans to the project
  • Where possible support with coach education e.g. provide tutors, discounted resources, flexibility to deliver local courses where there is a clear need
  • Access to ambassadors from your sport, e.g. to facilitate coaching forums targeted at local female coaches.

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