Partner Insight – Womens Sport and Fitness Foundation

Project 500 has gained national support from a number of organisations that want to help address the imbalance of male to female coaches in sport. This section gives a little insight into one of those organisations……..the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF).Woens_sport_network

The WSFF are the only organisation in the UK dedicated to increasing participation rates in sport and physical activity amongst women and girls. For 29 years they’ve been helping, persuading and inspiring towards a vision of a fitter, healthier and happier nation of active women and girls.

The WSFF help women in sport in 3 key areas: Help; Inspire; Persuade.

How they ‘Help‘ – Understand the difference! They help deliverers understand that women’s motivations and expectations are different from men’s. That women expect the quality experience and customer service they enjoy elsewhere.

That clean swimming pools, showers that work, even hair straighteners in school changing rooms, can make a difference. That better signposting and support will help women enjoy being more active.

WSFF-article-480x300How they ‘Inspire‘ – Building positive role models! They want women and girls to be surrounded by words and pictures championing fit and healthy women. This means making our sportswomen more visible. It means communicating the physical and mental benefits of being active.

They’re shaping sport and fitness delivery so that physical activity becomes an attractive proposition that competes with other popular pastimes. If they can promote sport and fitness as being more accessible, more enjoyable and a better fit with women’s lives, they’re confident that women will want to do more.WSFF-WEB-dancer_0

How they ‘Persuade’ – They’re working to create a culture where fit and healthy women are celebrated and more women feel inspired to take part.

They are helping to create the right policy landscape for women’s sport and fitness to thrive. Through campaigning, through lobbying and through promotion of best practise.

We will continue to bring you updates from the WSFF through these e-neswletters, but if you would like to find out more about them, visit their website at

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